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Ever since he bursted onto the Latin music scene in 1995, San Antonio native Jonny Martínez has been the guy with the best attitude, the most positive outlook, with the party-heartiest songs and a boundless enthusiasm for the music he loves.

Currently, Martinez is trying to promote tejano music by collaborating with two other partners, Al Duarte, A prodominet label owner from Austin and Wild Bill Perkins, a Grammy Award winner who plays lead trumpet for Ruben Ramos. The Company is called Cruise Connection Live and it caters to tejanos who love to Cruise and listen to Tejano Music. Now, he’s looking back at  two decades as one of Tejano music’s most congenial and hardworking talents in the industry. Currently, AMI Records has released Admirando A Mi Padre , a definate long awaited project co-produced with his Father, Tejano Hall of Fame recipient, Anselmo Martinez. Before This Album, Jonny Dedicated an album to his Mother and was called Dedicado A Mi Madre. The First Release off Admirando A mi Padre is "Caminos Chuecos", so ask for it on your favorite Radio Station.

Previous to this Album was the compilation called Lo Mejor de Jonny Martínez which really does “greatest-hits” right. This album is packed with 21 tracks, including many originally heard on Jonny’s studio albums Caminos Chuecos (1995), Ron con Coca-Cola (1998), Mujer Mexicana (2000), and La Callejera (2003).

 Plus, there’s three singles never included on any other album called, “Para Que Quiero tus Besos,” a duet with one of Tejano’s great Eddie González. Jonny also wrote the a new cut “Mi Florecita,” and re-recorded “Rosa María” with his son John Michael Martinez.

 Lo Mejor de Jonny Martínez includes songs that made him a sensation both in the U.S. and in Mexico starting in 1995 – hits like the block-rocking cumbia " La Musiquera", “El Ritmo de la Ola” and the down-and-dirty conjunto jam “Caminos Chuecos" who in fact was written by Jonny's Father, Anselmo "Chemiro" Martinez.

 Other memorable hits on Lo Mejor de Jonny Martínez include the fun, classic title track from Mujer Mexicana called  “Mujer Paseada,” a fiery ranchera along with “Cumbia de la Guitarra,” a great cut from La Callejera that Jonny co-wrote with award-winning and longtime friend songwriter Art Guillermo.

 Coming full circle, Jonny has performed in Monterrey, Mexico, a city of 3 million known as “the capital of norteño music,” but whose music scene has for years, appreciated and been influenced by Tejano as well.

Many had been asking what had happen to Jonny because he hadn’t been performing with his group for more than 2 years and soon those questions were erased when they saw Jonny singing for Los Desperadoz on many occasions. Jonny was astonished when asked to sing for lead vocalist Lee Villarreal and sang Hit Songs for him like "El Amor que sone", "La Voy Olvidar", "Te Recomiendo Esa Ingrata" and many others that Jonny was excited to sing because after all The Desperadoz are one of his favorite Tejano Bands. Unfortunately, Lead Singer Lee Villarreal  underwent surgery and needed time for recovery. “It was an absolute honor to sing for Lee and help out in any way I could. I’ve always loved the songs the Despoz have recorded in the past.”

Jonny Martinez has produced or co-produced for Artists like Flaco Jimenez, Nick Villarreal, The Hometown Boys, Los Desperadoz, Eddie Gonzalez and Rebecca Valadez. He’s had the privilege to record acts like Jay Perez, Elida Reyna, Ram Herrera, and Chente Barrera aside from numerous indie projects. He is also the founder of ZAGA Entertainment, which produces the Tejano Vegas Showcase, October Fest and many other events throughout the year.  Jonny has been a part of 4 Grammy Nominations including one for his Label AMI Records, AMI Studio and Co-Produced with Art Guillermo and Gibbie Velasquez in 2006 for a nomination of The Best Tejano Album of the Year for Rebecca Valadez. Up to date, Jonny Martinez has been nominated 4 times as either co-producer, songwriter, duet singer, AMI label owner or engineer thanks to Ram Herrera and Sunny Sauceda under Tejas Records and AMI Records.

An MBA graduate of University of Phoenix and BA graduate of Missouri Valley College, Martinez has contributed solely to the Tejano and Americana Industry . Jonny is a multifaceted talent who is not only a great artist, but is also one of Tejano music’s brightest moguls. Jonny is the founder of Zaga Entertainment and AMI Records, whose roster of young artists includes the Latin Grammy-winning former Mazz vocalist Rebecca Valadez, Thoze Guyz , Crystal Martinez, Linna Y Estilo, Buddy Lonesome and The Conjunto Cats. Booking email or number at or  210-897-3399.

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